William H. Curtis Ministries - Ephesians 6:14

What can we learn from the Belt of Truth?

Ephesians 6:14
Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist… (NIV)

Truth is often a liquid concept. In recent blog posts, I have touched on truth—truth in prayer or conversation with God, in daily life with others, and with ourselves. I believe that, for many people, personal truths change as people evolve and develop new interests, become more educated, or go through periods of enlightenment and change. For others, however, what I refer to as deep, personal truths never change; for these people, their faith remains unwavering, their personal habits never change, and they become static in ways that can be positive. However, this stagnancy could hurt them as they strive for further enlightenment or positive change in their lives.

Some of these people, so firm in their belief systems and sense of truth and honesty, will always have a solid sense of self and will move forth in life with confidence, thus obtaining success and happiness along the way. For others, the truth they tell themselves is absolute may not lead them on the path they want to be in life. Further, the way they are perceived by others is affected. In order to grow, they may need to take a longer, harder look at themselves, put on the Belt of Truth that God wants them to, and re-evaluate.

The Belt of Truth is meant to make us feel secure. Fastened around us tightly, it literally and figuratively holds everything together, making us feel complete, presentable, organized, and solid. Moving forward, if we use the Belt of Truth the way God wants us to, we should be able to re-evaluate and make new truths part of our positive self-image and successful future. If we tap into our strengths and how the Belt of Truth makes us feel, using the sense of security and confidence that it gives us, then we can take a closer look at ourselves. Using these strengths, we can truly see how we’ve evolved and where we need to place our focus in life, even if it is different than what we initially thought. People and lifestyles change. Priorities from the past may be refocused now.

It is most important that we remain strong in our sense of truth when we communicate with God and when we approach challenges and triumphs in our daily lives. There is no sense in lying to ourselves, and there is no logic in miscommunicating with God. If used properly, the Belt of Truth will help lead us all to our salvation.