Reverend Dr. William H. Curtis

An old adage says, “That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” Sometimes, while it sounds feasible, I think a lot of us don’t always believe this. Of course, adversity comes in all types of scenarios. It can be terrible, as in the case of a terminal illness or drug addiction, or it can be more benign, like in the case of temporary job setbacks or tight financial times. Either way, it always feels bad, and it always feels permanent. Oftentimes, people in the throes of difficulties feel that there is no end in sight, so how can they ever feel stronger if life has taken a terrible, permanent turn?

Wearing our Armor of God, we can offset much of our strife. This means that we can offset adversity. When life has us down, we can use our armor to offset and even attack the enemy. Even terminal illness comes with good days and a renewed sense of love for those close to us, addiction or depression comes with learning processes that we can take into the future with us, and even financial distress can help us to find our own strengths and strategies to cope and come out of it. Once we get through that—and we will—we are stronger whether we realize it or not.  We need to take those moments to relish our victories and store what we have learned. We will take these new attitudes, strategies, and methods into a better, happier, and more successful life.

Simply being a Christian and standing up for our beliefs on a daily basis makes us strong. Knowing we have the Armor of God to help us enforces that. Understanding that we can rise above adversity and become even stronger is the key to our ongoing happiness and success in life and with God.