Reverend Dr. William H. Curtis

For we walk by faith, not by sight.

2 Corinthians 5:7 (NKJV)

There really is no competition between the light Jesus brings to your life and the darkness that is trying to negatively impact it. This means you can accept the fact that as you walk by faith, everything doesn’t have to be perfectly in alignment. Everything doesn’t have to be structurally ordered. Everything doesn’t have to be totally peaceful.

You can be juggling stress on one side and managing the beauty of God’s presence on the other. You can be coping with feelings of uncertainty. You can be trying to fight back embedded fears. You can be trying to run from negative emotions, but still get up in the morning and say, “This joy I have… the world did not give it, and the world cannot take it away!”

You don’t have to let darkness dominate your time, your attention, your devotion, because the light of Jesus is there. His light is there to brighten your perspective that things not being perfectly fit together doesn’t mean your life has to be disjointed. His light reminds you that pressures and struggles don’t have to take you down dark paths.

Not having clear answers doesn’t mean that youare hopelessly lost. Being tired and fatigued doesn’t mean you’re living faithless. Asking tough questions theologicallydoesn’t mean you don’t love Jesus.Struggling to give up contradictions doesn’t mean you’re not trying to develop your intimate relationship with Him. It doesn’t mean you don’t trust Him. You may have dark passions, but Jesus is a light shining on them.

You’re human. And your faith gives you the option to not let those dark passions and emotions dominateyour life. So when they try to lead the conversation, choose to listen to the report of the Lord over the report of your dark passions. Accept grace where you don’t have strength. Tell yourself the spiritual truth when you want to keep believing the lie. Step out in faith when you are vulnerable and prone to rely on yourown understanding.

Instead of walking by sight, make the choice to walk by faith.