Reverend Dr. William H. Curtis

Beautiful Despite the Mistakes
And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28 (NKJV)

It is said that in making Persian rugs, the artist stands before the rug while a group of boys stands behind to pull the threads after the artist starts. If one of the boys makes a mistake, the artist adjusts the pattern accordingly so that when the rug is finished, nobody can tell where the mistake was.

This is what I want you to live convicted about: nothing about God's love for you or the way He relates to you will ever change. God knows that you make a lot of mistakes. But aren't you glad He does His artist's work to make your life beautiful despite those mistakes?

No mistake you make could ever make Him change His divine intent. His interaction with you will never become corrupted because you bring to Him a corrupted mind or a corrupted spirit. Whenever you bring twisted language to Him, He still responds with the enormity of His love, because you are valuable to Him.

I'm so glad that God puts up with all my personalities. He puts up with all my attitudes. He puts up with all my complaints. He puts up with all my idiosyncratic ways. He puts up with all my emotional and tumultuous mood changing. No matter how I ascend that mountain, no matter how I begin my prayers, as soon as I’ve pushed my way into His presence, He receives me just like on any other day. Why? Because His word for my life is invariable.

God can take the most awful of your experiences and put spiritual significance on it until it works out for your good. You are so valuable to Him that one of your prayers can bring all of Heaven to bear on your circumstances. Your value to Jesus is invariable, incorruptible, and inestimable.