Reverend Dr. William H. Curtis

God Knows What You’re Capable Of

"And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his own ability."

Matthew 25:15 (NKJV)


The servants in the parable of the talents were given money to steward based on the level of their ability—not their entitlement, not their enthusiasm, but their ability.

The invitation, then, is not just to live excited about God releasing talents and resources into your life. It is so much bigger than that. The invitation is to raise the level of your stewardship to the level of God’s confidence in your ability.

The owner had an acute ability to know the capacity of his servants and then to give talents to stretch and challenge that capacity.

God’s belief in your ability creates an invitation: whatever you think is your ceiling, take God’s graces and attempt to raise it. Whatever you think is your human limitation, take the opportunities that God places in your life and push the border of that limitation. You are capable of doing more than you could have ever conceived.

The life God has given you is not to be stewarded based on finding your place of comfort. Your life ought to develop a path and a purpose and an agenda and aspirations based on God’s belief in your ability, not your own. God believes in you more than you believe in yourself.

Can you bring your stewardship to the level of God’s belief in your ability?

You can’t go by calculated risk and comfortable losses. You have to be guided by spiritual conviction and faith. You have to live with confidence in God’s belief in your capacity. It doesn’t matter what you think you can do. You’ve got to try what He thinks you can do, because He knows what you are capable of.

You can’t be afraid of failing. You can’t be afraid of outgrowing previous plateaus, partnerships, or platforms. You can’t be afraid of trying what you don’t know. You have to give God a better offering than that. Push your stewardship up to the level of God’s belief in your capacity.